Mario Lopez in the valentine Day with Ellen DeGeneres [video+photos]

There are a lot women who would leap at the chance to kiss Mario Lopez.

Mario Lopez and Britney Spears in One-night Stand

In his memoir Just Between Us , Mario Lopez revealed one of his personal life secrets when he admitted that he had a one-night with a mega pop star ,

Watch Heartwarming video of Lopez and his family

With his wife Courtney, and his daughter Gia and son Dominic , extra host Mario Lopez are starring in a heartwarming short for Gymboree about family, pumpkin pie , growing up…

17 interesting facts about Mario Lopez including his first kiss

In this article we will talk about interesting facts about our superstar Mario Lopez :

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Ali opens up about Mario cheating scandals

Ali Landry reveals some confessions about  her fleeting marriage to actor Mario Lopez the extra host.
Former Doritos model said that they were dating for years ago before getting engaged in 2003, then they married in 2004. By the way Landry did not get her happily ever after with Lopez as their marriage only lasted for two weeks.

Mario Lopez and Just Between Us

Just Between Us the upcoming memoir of star Saved By The Bell Mario Lopez will be released on September 30.
In this book Mario Lopez opens up about the heartbreaking

Gia does her best to stay her father Mario Lopez fit

Regardless SouldCycle, Zumba , and CorssFil, there is a new craze in town –daddy-cise.
On Friday , The 40 years old was adorably put through his paces by his daughter Gia in Los Angeles , California.