The Roles of Mario Lopez

The Bold and the Beautiful one of the most popular TV series which Mario Lopez shares the cast in it. He takes the rule of Doctor Christian Ramiez who is brother of the Los Angeles this character played by the great actor Lorenzo Lamas.

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Saved by the Bell is an American series which it started from 1989 to1993. It started as the name Good Morning, Miss Bliss, then it became Saved By The Bell which it means that when a student doesn`t know to answer a question the bell will saved him when it rings.

Mario Lopez Diet Secret

Mario Lopez is obsessed in fitness and he declared in his interviews that he wants to be always fit and he makes a lot of work out and diet.

Life Style of Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Mazza have one child and they are waiting the one.
They form a great and happy family.

Mario Lopez Biography

Mario is an American actor and TV host .He born in 10 October 1973.He is very famous in his portrayal of A.C Slater on Saved by the Bell. Mario appeared in the third season of Dancing with the Stars. In his program he hosted The Best Dance Crew for MTV.