Third Birthday of Gia Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and his wife9 Courtney9 celebrate in the third birthday of their daughter Gia in Glendale Calif9 on 17 August. This birthday was before the coming of the second daughter to Mario.
Courtney said that they want this birthday to be special and they want their daughter to be happy before having new sister or brother.
Gia was wearing beautiful white dress and silver shoes half of her hair was up and holds by white ribbon9 she was looking so beautiful she was as princess.
There were many guests and 22 kids and Eva Longoria who is the Extra host’s good friend. There were some of Mario’s  friends and some of their relatives. It was not very big party but it was very beautiful and special party.
The party contained lunch from Subway and the guests enjoyed in it then they blew the candles and ate the cake which was from Polkatots. The guests gave to Gia the presents and she was happy. Every one left the birthday party and they were happy and had spent great time in this lovely party.
Mario Lopez felt so happy after the birthday party because his daughter9 Gia9 thanked him about the party and she said to him that she loved him so much.
Mario Lopez is great person because he can balance between his work and his family and although he has a lot of work he always find time to spend with his family. He likes his work and his family.
Mario wanted this party to be very special before having second daughter to prove to Gia that her family loves her and she is their lovely daughter.
Mario Lopez was wearing black trousers and white t- shirt and Courtney was wearing white dress with blue lines9 they were looking very great in the party. 



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