Mario Lopez Worth

When all the seasons of Saved By The Bell ended Mario Lopez complete his appearance in TV series and programs he continued in the famous TV show The Bold And The Beautiful and Pacific Blue then Breaking the Surface.
From all this roles Mario gained net worth of 9 million dollars. Mario also worked in Extra and America’s Best Dance Crew and his salary was 3.5 million. But his salary each week in Saved by The Bell was 3,500 dollar, and his salary in X factor was 1 million dollar. All the shows that Mario shared in made his worth become better and better and his salary become higher and higher. He gets a lot of offers in many programs, Mario started as actor then he became host in many famous TV shows, but the best show that gives him the fame and the big amount of money was his role A.C slater on saved by the Bell. He made his own show in 2010 2011 the show was called “Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby”. Mario Lopez live in Catholic house, he born in 1973 he has Mexican origin and that why he was so popular between ladies. And in 2010 he chose to be a host of the Pageant of the Masters it held in California in Laguna Beach. Mario until now gets a lot of offers in TV shows, programs and movies all that mean that his worth is increasing and he makes a lot of money. Mario Lopez worked a lot and he made a lot of TV shows and programs this entire make him has huge money and he still work to gain more and more money. Mario Lopez as other actor and famous people gets a lot of money and gain a lot of worth.



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