Mario Lopez and his big sleeping baby

The first name of Mario Lopez son is Dominic and his nick name is Nico…
The big star Mario Lopez took to the interwebs to show us one of the cutest baby in west of the Mississippi!
Guess who is?

Mario Lopez Birthday 2013

 This time Mario Lopez birthday has another taste where he and his wife celebrate his birthday in addition to the birthday of his wife Courtney Mazza in the same time at Wynn and Encore by attending of their friends to the party.

The former Saved by the Bell co-star Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Dancing

Elizabeth Berkley played the role as girlfriend of Mario Lopez in the sitcom Saved by The Bell in 1990. The Dancing with the Stars former contestant Elizabeth Berkley joined the Extra TV host for an on-camera interview, and she got a chance to reminisce with Mario Lopez at Universal Studio Hollywood. Also Val Chmerkovskiy, who was Elizabeth’s pro dance partner, joined the show as a guest and got pushed to the sidelines.

Mario Lopez in Honey 2

Honey 2 is 2003 a series of 2003 Honey, and it is an American dance movie. This movie includes a lot of stars like Randy Wayne, Katerina Graham, Lonette Mckee, Melissa Molinaro, and Audrina Patridge. Honey2 was directed to DVD in North America in June 10, 2011 and released to cinemas in Britain.

Mario Lopez is celebrating the coming of his new baby

The star and the X- Factor host Mario Lopez is celebrating by the coming of new baby on Monday night. His wife Courtney Mazza delivered their baby who is boy, Dominic Lopez, on Monday in Los Angeles.

Third Birthday of Gia Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and his wife9 Courtney9 celebrate in the third birthday of their daughter Gia in Glendale Calif9 on 17 August. This birthday was before the coming of the second daughter to Mario.
Courtney said that they want this birthday to be special and they want their daughter to be happy before having new sister or brother.

Mario Lopez Hugs his daughter Gia in impromptu visit from his wife

When Mario Lopez first appeared on the screens, he was still a child in Saved by the Bell. And now he has beautiful baby and he is waiting for another baby, he seemed very happy by a visit from his pregnant wife, Courtney Mazza, and his daughter, Gia, in filming scenes for Mario’s show Extra on Monday.

Mario Lopez’s daughter Gia Francesca

Mario Lopez who was 36 year old met Courtney Mazza who was 28 year old in 2008 when they appeared in the Broadway musical A Chorus Line.

Mario Lopez’s underwear

Mario Lopez wears his underwear from LLC who are very special in producing underwear. And now they made the second underwear brand which is Malo underwear . There are also many styles from underwear as boxer briefs, features briefs and t-shirts in many varieties two or three pack.

Mario Lopez’s House

Mario Lopez does not live in normal house, he lives in fantastic house which is on Glendale’s Historic Registry, its name “Lorelei”. This house has a great history which started in 1929 when the inventor of the armored car, Peter Damm, built it.

Khloe Kardashian is Upset from Mario Lopez

There is disagree between Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian on The X Factor which makes them cannot know how to use a teleprompter. On Thursday night at the show Mario was taking the most of lines which is for Khloe and that made her very angry from him.

Mario Lopez in Interview with Ellen

Mario Lopez wanted to visit Ellen in 26 February on Thursday. Mario Lopez is the host of Extra and America’s Best Dance Crew. When Ellen talked about Mario she introduced him as “one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. She described him as handsome, it seemed that there is something between them as love or friendship.

Mario Lopez Does not Want to Be in Looking Like a Runt

Mario Lopez wants to host Khloe Kardashian in his program and she does not expect him to ask her that he wants from her to not wear more than 3 inch heels ,

Mario Lopez Worth

When all the seasons of Saved By The Bell ended Mario Lopez complete his appearance in TV series and programs he continued in the famous TV show The Bold And The Beautiful and Pacific Blue then Breaking the Surface.

Mario Lopez and Pacific Blue

Mario Lopez shared in the fourth season of the Pacific Blue. Pacific Blue is an American series talks about a team of police officers who deal with crimes.

Mario Lopez Cheated On His Fiancé before Their Wedding

Mario Lopez at bachelor party before his weeding cheated on his fiancé, and this relationship was discovered after seven years .Mario Lopez said about that he is not ready for marriage and he said that he is not man enough to make family and handle with this situation.

The Roles of Mario Lopez

The Bold and the Beautiful one of the most popular TV series which Mario Lopez shares the cast in it. He takes the rule of Doctor Christian Ramiez who is brother of the Los Angeles this character played by the great actor Lorenzo Lamas.

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Saved by the Bell is an American series which it started from 1989 to1993. It started as the name Good Morning, Miss Bliss, then it became Saved By The Bell which it means that when a student doesn`t know to answer a question the bell will saved him when it rings.

Mario Lopez Diet Secret

Mario Lopez is obsessed in fitness and he declared in his interviews that he wants to be always fit and he makes a lot of work out and diet.

Life Style of Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Mazza have one child and they are waiting the one.
They form a great and happy family.

Mario Lopez Biography

Mario is an American actor and TV host .He born in 10 October 1973.He is very famous in his portrayal of A.C Slater on Saved by the Bell. Mario appeared in the third season of Dancing with the Stars. In his program he hosted The Best Dance Crew for MTV.