Life Style of Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Mazza have one child and they are waiting the one.
They form a great and happy family.
In very romantic way Lopez takes his wife before the coming of their newest baby to resort Town in Punta Mita in the sea in Mexico, and they have great photos which Lopez was kissing his wife’s baby and they were wearing sea suits, and of course they were in private beach.
Lopez feels so happy and exciting for having new child.
The great couple was having a great private time. They made a lot of activities, and they played on the beach, swam in the sea.
Their daughter Gia Francesca declared that her mother is a pregnant through wearing a shirt in which was written on it “Big Sister Gia”.
The Lopez and Mazza’s romantic relationship started in 2008 on the same beach which we talked about lastly, where Lopez gave his proposal to Mazza in order to accept his order to marry him.
It is seemed that Lopez loves romantic and quite places like sea.
After their coming from their vacation, Lopez hosted the third season of X factor in 2013.
Lopez’s daughter Gia Francesca who born in September 2010 is waiting for the new baby of her mother and father and he feels very exciting.
So all the Mario Lopez’s family are waiting the new baby and they are preparing themselves for this great event but Lopez and Mazza will enjoy more with their new baby in Paradise without their daughter Gia.
So until that time I hope to hear more happy and good news about our sexy actor and his family Mario Lopez, see you in the next article and I hope for you exciting life.



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