Mario Lopez’s House

Mario Lopez does not live in normal house, he lives in fantastic house which is on Glendale’s Historic Registry, its name “Lorelei”. This house has a great history which started in 1929 when the inventor of the armored car, Peter Damm, built it.
 Peter born in Germany then in 1891 he moved to the United States, he was going to school in Chicago. Then he went to New York and worked in the automobile body manufacturing business after that he became the inventor of the armored car. Then peter moved to Glendale in 1928 and he started to plan to his new house in Kempton Road, he has many small scale models to the house to know how he should built it , then he made the house in a great way, it was very beautiful house. Then in 1953 peter died and the house had many owners.
Of course after that Mario Lopez bought the house, and now he lives in it. Mario likes this house very much and he said that it is comfortable house. It has two bed rooms, sitting room, dining room, great kitchen and huge hall, and we cannot forget the tennis room which has big screen and boxing room which Mario likes to play for hours in it . In the garden there is basketball field and big pool for swimming and there are a lot of trees. Inside the house there are a lot of beautiful pictures and some old things which Mario likes very much. In the bed room there is huge hidden screen.

Mario Lopez’s house has everything Mario needs, he likes spending time in it with his friends and relatives. He makes his house look like him. It is comfortable, big and has all the facilities that Mario needs.  


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