Mario Lopez’s underwear

Mario Lopez wears his underwear from LLC who are very special in producing underwear. And now they made the second underwear brand which is Malo underwear . There are also many styles from underwear as boxer briefs, features briefs and t-shirts in many varieties two or three pack.
The new style of Malo underwear is different and depends on value-conscious customer, it has different things from the last design but it simple and very comfortable and sophisticated in some places. And of course for the quality Malo underwear is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and that make it more comfortable and fitter. There are many colors as grey, black and blue and they have waistband which contains the logo on the front of it.
In Malo underwear they depend on quality and comfort with style and good look, Mike Tawil talks about that when he said that all the designs that Malo makes are fashion- minded customer and it has a sense of humor.
Mario Lopez likes this collection of underwear and he made launch in partnership with Mad projects in December 2011. Malo means bad in Spanish and it takes from the two first letters of Mario Lopez.
Mario Lopez said that he feels so excited when he makes show to Malo underwear and he adds that the brand is very fun and fashionable and it is made from high quality with suitable prices.
Mario Lopez has many photos in many colorful bands as purple, grey, black and green but he finds the black as his favorite color because it suits him and makes him seems good. There are many sizes from the band which Mario wears. He likes Malo underwear very much and he feels comfort when he wears it because it has good quality and beautiful styles with good prices.


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