Mario Lopez Does not Want to Be in Looking Like a Runt

Mario Lopez wants to host Khloe Kardashian in his program and she does not expect him to ask her that he wants from her to not wear more than 3 inch heels ,

Mario Lopez Worth

When all the seasons of Saved By The Bell ended Mario Lopez complete his appearance in TV series and programs he continued in the famous TV show The Bold And The Beautiful and Pacific Blue then Breaking the Surface.

Mario Lopez and Pacific Blue

Mario Lopez shared in the fourth season of the Pacific Blue. Pacific Blue is an American series talks about a team of police officers who deal with crimes.

Mario Lopez Cheated On His Fiancé before Their Wedding

Mario Lopez at bachelor party before his weeding cheated on his fiancé, and this relationship was discovered after seven years .Mario Lopez said about that he is not ready for marriage and he said that he is not man enough to make family and handle with this situation.