Mario Lopez Diet Secret

Mario Lopez is obsessed in fitness and he declared in his interviews that he wants to be always fit and he makes a lot of work out and diet.
Lopez cannot feel good unless he is doing something makes him moving, by doing a lot of sports, training, flexibility training and exercise. Mario does his best to organize his time to build healthy and fit body.
He also plays boxing with amateur fighters.
Mario makes time table to do all types of sports. He has ten minutes for stretching, and weight training takes forty five minutes and he focus on muscle group like chest, triceps , and abdominal, but on Sunday he has arrest. Of course of all types of sports which are accompanied with nutrition system?

But Mario is not looking for the best program for his diet. Mario loves food and he does not count everything he eats and does not follow diet websites.
He always eats healthy food, and does not talk about losing his weight.
Mario has nutrition system as we mention for example he eats fruit and yogurt for breakfast, on lunch he eats chicken and rice or fish but on dinner he likes to eat sushi, but although he makes sports and nutrition system he eats chocolate, ice cream and chip cookies.
He says that his wife is helping him in his food and nutrition system and she always tries to keep him with his diet and tries to make for him healthy food.
Of course we can say that without his work out and diet he cannot stay in this great style and this amazing look.
 I think that Mario Lopez is strong man because he has the ability to control himself between the food he likes and his nutrition system to retain his body always in healthy look.



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