Gia does her best to stay her father Mario Lopez fit

Regardless SouldCycle, Zumba , and CorssFil, there is a new craze in town –daddy-cise.
On Friday , The 40 years old was adorably put through his paces by his daughter Gia in Los Angeles , California. 

While already in great shape , The star took his workout to the next level thanks to Gia , he often flashing his bas to prove it.

The former Saved By The Bell star may have just found the newest Hollywood must-do workout, combining his daddy duties with everything from pushups to pullups.

The TV host with his daughter Gia lying on his back to make it harder for him , started off with some arm toning pushups.

The star of Saved By The Bell took to the local park’s monkey bars using them to do pullups , while his daughter did her part holding his leg like a little koala , making sure that her father to get his arms burning.

Mario Lopez is well known for his loves for his wife and children , he is amazing person and superstar, has a lot of fans and friends .

He sanctifies married life although he has previously problems with his wife , but he could to overcome on them and maintain on his family.

He appeared in many movies and TV serial show like Saved By The Bell, he worked a lot on his body and like to play sport continuously also watching and following boxing games .

He also participated with Dancing with the stars , he is professional in dancing and according to his continues sport exercises he can dance in professional and beautiful way.

His also continues smile on his face distinguish his characteristics , which gives to his fans and lovers a good impression of his morals.



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