Mario Lopez’s daughter Gia Francesca

Mario Lopez who was 36 year old met Courtney Mazza who was 28 year old in 2008 when they appeared in the Broadway musical A Chorus Line.
In 11 September they welcomed their first child in Burbank, Calif and the next day in 12 September they had their first daughter, Gia, she was in a good healthy and she weight 6 lbs, 4 oz. Mario in the show talked about this great experience and how it is different from anything in his life, he felt so happy by his first baby and he wanted to share everyone in this entertainment.
Mario has many photos with his first daughter, Gia, he has very beautiful photo from Ok magazine which he was carrying her above his head. Mario declared to PopEater that he will do his best to take care of her and to be good father he added that he will change for her and will do his best to be happy and to live in a good way.
After one year Mario, Courtney and their daughter, Gia, appeared in the Kia Beach House in 15 July. Mario talked about that day and said good day at work and having great day at the beach with the family. Mario Lopez is a balanced man who can do his work in the best way and care his family and be with them, making many activities with them to makes them happy.
Recently Mario appeared with his daughter and with pregnant Courtney while the couple was kissing each other when they were in vacation at Villa del Palmar in 29 June in Cancun, Mexico.
They have a romantic photo in this great place and they were wearing swimming suits. They had good time for a week in the beach and had good meals in great restaurants.
Mario Lopez is not a good actor but he also a great father and lovely husband, he can balance between his family and his work and be good man in both of them.


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