Khloe Kardashian is Upset from Mario Lopez

There is disagree between Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian on The X Factor which makes them cannot know how to use a teleprompter. On Thursday night at the show Mario was taking the most of lines which is for Khloe and that made her very angry from him.
 Mario Lopez did not do that on purpose but there was problem in the production and he did not know which lines he should read. Khloe said to Mario read those lines instead of my lines and that may confuse Mario and Khloe said “ok Hollywood Is Hard You Guys”.
Khloe said that she was not angry from Mario but she was angry from the production confusion. The reading of the teleprompter is very hard if it is not reading before and making practice on it, khloe told the producers that she wants to do the personality driven interviews with the contestant and she wants to leave the hosting duties and the teleprompter to Mario.
Khloe now in the show seemed as the robot when she reads the teleprompter all that was for her personality . Britney Spears in other news said that there is benefit from a teleprompter, she said that being as a robot would be a step up from the Zombie she adds that she is delivering. In the show there was a great differences between Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez.

 All the struggle between Mario and Khloe was just for the confusion in the show and all that was because of the problems in the production and there was not any problem between her and Mario. Mario Lopez feels sorry but he was confused in the show and he was not practice before doing it and he tries to declare that for khloe, but after all that it was a great show and it has a big popularity.  


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