Mario Lopez in Interview with Ellen

Mario Lopez wanted to visit Ellen in 26 February on Thursday. Mario Lopez is the host of Extra and America’s Best Dance Crew. When Ellen talked about Mario she introduced him as “one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. She described him as handsome, it seemed that there is something between them as love or friendship.
Mario was wearing dark suit and light colored shirt, he was looking great, and then they saw each other and the conversation started between them. He said hi, how are you? she replied. Then he said that he feels happy when he sees her and she replied that she loved to see him too. Mario said to her that she always make him feel all fidgety all the time while he is there, he added that he do not know why that happened. Ellen said to Mario that he looks fantastic and he is great. Then she said that she wants to take his shirt off, and then she said he was past that and he did not take his shirt off anymore.
Ellen showed Mario three photos to him one of them with him holding a beach ball over his head and the two photos on the beach he was wearing a teeny tiny pair of blue shorts. He replied that short is not his blue short . It was a scene from Nip/Tuck he is shooting. He said that he is a doctor in Nip/Tuck it is not serious in this short and he cannot know why she did not believe that, he said that he was preparing for his scene, he was laughing when he said that . Ellen said that is stunning and that is beautiful, Mario felt embarrassed . It was a lovely interview, we know a lot about Mario from this interview. 



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