Mario Lopez Hugs his daughter Gia in impromptu visit from his wife

When Mario Lopez first appeared on the screens, he was still a child in Saved by the Bell. And now he has beautiful baby and he is waiting for another baby, he seemed very happy by a visit from his pregnant wife, Courtney Mazza, and his daughter, Gia, in filming scenes for Mario’s show Extra on Monday.
Mario Lopez was sitting on the place of the director in Los Angeles when his daughter, Gia, climbed to his lap to watch the filming of the show. She was very happy when she was watching her father and she gives him all her attention. She looked very interested in watching the show.
The happy family has a great photo in the location when Gia hugs her father’s arm and Mario was putting his hand on his wife’s stomach because they are waiting for a new baby.
Mario as usual was wearing clothes in glamour way, he was wearing blue shirt and black trousers and leather trainers. He looked great.
While his beautiful daughter was wearing a pale green jumpsuit and pink trainers and she was putting pink ribbon on her hair.
His wife, Courtney Mazza, looked very elegant she was wearing striped skirt and black vest top and flat sandals, and she was putting a pair of gold hoops earnings. She was walking around and pushing an empty buggy, because Gia was busy with her father.
Mario and Courtney first met in 2006 and they married in 2012 and Gia was with them. They married in special ceremony in December in 2012.
Mario Lopez is very happy in this visit to his wife and daughter because he met with his family although he was very busy in his show.
Mario Lopez is great actor and good father and lovely husband he looks after his family in a good way.


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