Mario Lopez and his big sleeping baby

The first name of Mario Lopez son is Dominic and his nick name is Nico…
The big star Mario Lopez took to the interwebs to show us one of the cutest baby in west of the Mississippi!
Guess who is?
He is his son Dominic, he took a picture for him after a bog meal of milk and Nico was completely tired from feeding and he is sleeping.
The star Mario Lopez seems to be proud while sharing his son Nico delightful picture after a big meal of milk.
It is obvious that Mario is very happy with his son coming to life and we can see his happy face clear through his appearances through small screen or photos.
Earlier Mario introduced his son on Ellen, so he showed the world his newborn Dominic through Ellen...
Mario Lopez brought his son alongside with his wife Courtney Mazza and his adorable daughter Gia making Ellen and the rest of the world gasped in awe.
He pulled his son like the king who is totally going to be in a very inspiration way.
Before Ellen interview, Mario Lopez also shared a very beautiful picture of his newborn son Dominic.
So he and his wife Courtney welcomed the coming of their son Dominic, the proud father was very happy and he shares his son photo on Twitter and wrote about it:
This is my son Nico and he is 23 years old.
We wish for him happy future and for his father more starring and full health and full happy time. We congratulate to this family on the birth of their beautiful baby Nico.
What you think… is Mario Lopez happy with the coming of his newborn baby Nico?


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