Mario Lopez and Just Between Us

Just Between Us the upcoming memoir of star Saved By The Bell Mario Lopez will be released on September 30.
In this book Mario Lopez opens up about the heartbreaking
mistakes that still haunt him and his successes in the entertainment industry , including his love life , and at times tumultuous, highly republic.
Mario added in a release from his publisher Celebra : that in his life there is no do-overs so he had to learn to pick himself up and move forward , he will also not forget the hard- won lessons.  He said that he is thrilled to share his story in the memoir revealing the memories he has close to his heart for the time.
There are many who working on the book like David Spade, and who announced last week that the star of Saturday Night Live is working on a memoir which will be released in fall 2015 from Dey Street Brooks. And this book will talk about the relationship of him with his father .
Mario Lopez in this book will open about the experiences and troubles that he had faced during his life in his candid new memoir .
It is noteworthy that this memoir is the fifth book for him.
There will be a lot of never-before told stories about him and his life as a 90’s teen idol.
So he will revealed  not only about his successes and failures in the entertainment biz but also about his love life anecdotes.
Mario has three books about health and fitness and one for children named Mario and Baby Gia in mention to his daughter Gia .


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