Watch Heartwarming video of Lopez and his family

With his wife Courtney, and his daughter Gia and son Dominic , extra host Mario Lopez are starring in a heartwarming short for Gymboree about family, pumpkin pie , growing up…
just in time for holiday season.
Mario Lopez is a great father and husband , he can balance between his career and his personal life , could to overcome the difficulties he faced.
He said that his family come in the first interest although he is a great actor and extra famous host , but he has a strange energy and powerful performance to do his career and work in the best way.
Lopez appears always happy and smiles, and this feature is not existing on all people or celebrities , some rare ones who have this amazing feature.
Seriously he is successful person , does not neglect any small details in his life , does it all and lives happily with his family .
We wish for him  and his family forever and everlasting happiness. They are really a model for every family want to have successful life and distinct link between its persons.
Now let you see the video and feel the happiness of his family and how he behave with his children and his wife.



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