Mario Lopez in the valentine Day with Ellen DeGeneres [video+photos]

There are a lot women who would leap at the chance to kiss Mario Lopez.

The spirit of Valentine Day was invoked by Ellen DeGeneres by inviting two sexy lucky women of the audience to kiss Mario Lopez in a game she called Loco for Lopez on her show on Friday.
Mario Lopez wore a white vest that showed off his muscular chest to the delight of the audience with Ricky Martin’s Living the Vida Loca playing in the background.

Ellen joked with him saying that she made him take his shirt off, but he had still a shirt on , and then she asked him if he likes to take his pants off?
Ellen invited two lucky and beautiful women , Liz and Toni , on stage explaining that they had 45 seconds to get the most kisses on their side of Mario vest using a stamp shaped like puckered lips dipped in red paint they held it in their teeth.

And the winner of those woman will get $5.000 weekend getaway to the four seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California.
With the crowd howling with laughter , Mario gasped Oh my gosh , it’s like Piranhas while Toni and Liz getting into the competition.
Then Toni started off kissing his arm and Mario laughingly compared it to being pecked by roosters saying I think it’s the shirt honey.
The smiling star awarded both women the prize and presented to everyone in the audience a voucher for a $150 spa treatment at the Four Seasons.



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