Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas

Saved by the Bell - Wedding in Las Vegas is a TV movie, which aired on TV before in 1994, directed by Jeff Melman. It represents the conclusion of the TV series Saved by the Bell.

Zack and Kelly decided to get married. Zack's parents are against the marriage and decide not to attend the wedding. Accompanied by Slater, Lisa and Screech, the couple hand drive directly to Las Vegas.
Halfway, the problems begin: Lisa car breaks down in the middle of the desert while the three boys are even arrested for speeding by a corrupt sheriff of the county. Zack is forced to give all the money he has (for the wedding) to be released.
While in Las Vegas, the group ends up embroiled in a robbery by a powerful billionaire mafia, whose ex, Carla, Slater falls in love.
Among various pursuits and adventures, Zack and Kelly end up finally to crown their dream and, with the help of the parents of Zack (sorry to have turned his back on his son), to have a dream wedding.
After the sudden closure of the series Saved by the Bell - A year after in February, NBC decided to shoot a TV movie showed conclusively that actually what all the fans were waiting for the first episode: marriage between Zack and Kelly.
Mark Fink, one of the writers of the series, was commissioned to write the script while the direction was given to Jeff Melman.
The actress Elizabeth Berkley, due to work commitments on other television sets, he could not return as the protagonist. However, to the delight of fans, made a brief appearance in the final sequence, during the marriage, along with Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding), Bob Golic (Mike) and Kiersten Warren (Alex). Actress Anne Tremko, one of the stars of Saved by the Bell - A year after he had to give up any appearance for labor issues.
The cast of the original media, also Melody Rogers returned John Sanderford (Zack's parents) and John Mansfield (Kelly's father).
Filmed in Los Angeles, Burbank and Las Vegas in June 1994, the TV film represented the first (and only) chance for the series to be shot on film.



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