Mario Lopez a Happy Father

The American star, Mario Lopez, Confirmed that he does not imagine his life without children, and expressed his strong attachment with his children who are able to help him forget about all the difficulties faced during the day.
Lopez (40 years old) Said to the American website «People» «Whatever my day is difficult when I come home, and I hear the word of my daughter … Dad , I feel much better».
He pointed out that he and his wife, Courtney enjoying every minute with their daughter Gia (3 years), and their son Dominic, aged 5 months.
He stated that he is keen to spend enough time with the children, both the morning to eat breakfast together, or evening to dine and play together, along with the family out together on the weekends. Lopez stressed that he is very happy father, so he was thinking about having more children.
He said «my presence with Gia and Dominique gives me a chance to be a kid again. I cannot imagine my life without children ».
A state of extreme happiness the American media Mario Lopez and his wife, Courtney has lived, when they had a second child after their daughter's «Gia Francesca», named it «Dominic».
Lopez expressed his severe happiness across his tweeting - on his own account on «Twitter» - to tell his fans of this good news, he said: «a living boy!! .. Welcomed Dominique Lopez in the world, we are very happy and Courtney and the baby was fine».


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