Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Ali opens up about Mario cheating scandals

Ali Landry reveals some confessions about  her fleeting marriage to actor Mario Lopez the extra host.
Former Doritos model said that they were dating for years ago before getting engaged in 2003, then they married in 2004. By the way Landry did not get her happily ever after with Lopez as their marriage only lasted for two weeks.
Their marriage was one of the most well-known and shortest one between two pseudo celebrities,  She told her side of the story on why she decided to spilt from Mario Lopez saying I Do to him.
Landry said during Oprah: Where Are They Now? That she tried to ignore her intuition about what she heard from Mario cheating on her prior to their marriage. She said that Mario swore up and down it was not true  when she confronted and asked him, so she tried to believe him although there was a little voice inside telling her that there’s something going on.
And the secret is revealed shortly after their fairy wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico went up in flames.

“All of my friends and family were flying down to this wedding in Mexico. So, I went through with the wedding.”

On the other hand , Lopez admitted in his interview with Howard Stern and opened up about those cheating allegations , saying that his bachelor party in Mexico was wild and as a kind of recipe for disaster.

“It was spring break….everybody was hanging out. That was a situation where I was not mature and man enough.”

Lopez told Landry that he was on a fishing trip with his buddies but in fact he was in Mexico .
As Lopez claims that there is someone who took a photo of him with a woman in the pool and gave it to Landry’s sister to show her then.
About his opinion from the marriage :
He admitted that he was not ready for marriage , and not ready to settle down. He said that he was not man enough to know how to handle it.
So Lopez now is married to Courtney Mazza and have two children , while Ali Landry is married from Alejandro Monteverde and have three children .


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