Mario Lopez Does not Want to Be in Looking Like a Runt

Mario Lopez wants to host Khloe Kardashian in his program and she does not expect him to ask her that he wants from her to not wear more than 3 inch heels ,
he said that she already tall and if she wears more than 3 inch heels then he will be looking like a runt. He said that she is 5’10 now and if she comes in 6’3 it will be disaster. Mario is between 5’10 to 5’11 his guests will be the same high if Khole Kardashian opts for flats. Mario Lopez said about Kardashian that he know her very much and she is sweetheart and good person and they get along great he said that he know her and her family very good, he add that he does not know how they are going to play out on the show. Mario Lopez said that while Khole Kardashian expected from Mario Lopez to “quarterback” the show, he has made a simple request of his own that she does not wear bigger than 3 inch heels he said that he will be like a runt. Lopez declared that he would meet up with boss Simon Crowell  that will be later in the day to discuss the logistics of their two host system. Mario said that he does not know how the format’s going to be and how they are thinking about it then he said that he does not know if it is going to be like the great program Dancing with the Stars, then he said that they do not know what they have planned . Mario Lopez insists that he and Khole Kardashian is a match made in hosting heaven. Finally it will be a great meeting with Mario and Kardashian.  



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