Mario Lopez and Pacific Blue

Mario Lopez shared in the fourth season of the Pacific Blue. Pacific Blue is an American series talks about a team of police officers who deal with crimes.
This team patrolled Santa Monica beaches on bicycles. The series presented on the USA Network for five seasons, from 1996 to 2000. This series was compared as Baywatch on bikes. This show takes a big popularity between France, Israel, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, South America and Poland. The cast of the series changes between the third and fourth seasons. The fourth season presents Shanna Moakler, Amy Hunter, and Jeff Stearns and of course our actor Mario Lopez in role Bobby Cruz and he did great in this series. The series featured trials rider Hans Rey who performs tricks in a number of episodes. This show was created by Bill Nuss
The Complete series in Region 1 for the very first time is released by MILL Creek Entertainment. This show has five seasons every season changes from other one; every season has changes in characters, events and of course the crimes. Mario Lopez had a great rule in the fourth season which had a great event and great changes. This show has a great popularity as many shows; it spread in all over the world. Mario Lopez as usual left a big influence in this rule. Pacific Blue showed many appearances by wrestling that are professional stars and they played many characters like Rena Mero, Triple H, Chyna and Shawn Michaels. In this series the police officer use the bicycle in the crimes. This show was produced by Gary Nardino, The production company, North Hall Productions; this name is taken from the respective alma maters which are Northwestern University and Seton Hall University which are very famous


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