Mario Lopez Cheated On His Fiancé before Their Wedding

Mario Lopez at bachelor party before his weeding cheated on his fiancé, and this relationship was discovered after seven years .Mario Lopez said about that he is not ready for marriage and he said that he is not man enough to make family and handle with this situation.
After his wedding his wife saw photo to Mario and woman in embarrassing situation in his bachelor party. Mario said that he was going to fish marlin and his cousin said they are going to whirlwind tour but he did not tell his fiancé about his plane. Mario Lopez said he want to ask for forgiveness, he thought that this party and he will have good time. Then in his party a photographer take photo to Mario with another woman in a swimming pool and in embarrassing position of course the marriage was annulled. Mario Lopez declared that he did wrong and he should not be in this embarrassing position. After all this sad events he said that he does not ready for marriage. He said that he thought his marriage with Landry is good after their relation together for six years. Mario Lopez talks about her that she is good person from good family and she is kind and beautiful, she is educated and she is great mother and she deals with him in good way and she understands him but he feels that he is not ready and he feels he is cold and cannot do this Mario Lopez admire her but he does not love her to complete his life with her and he is not ready to be responsible person and he is not ready to make family. Mario Lopez made a big mistake when he cheated on his fiancé.



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